3 thoughts on “Outos

    1. I’m trying, dear, as much as i can to enjoy my bitterness, by posting here and there.

      I wish you are doing great.

      I really do like the new writing style you’ve adopted when you write your posts. i think this new style is the real you… xaxa… you’re extremely talented.

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      1. 🙂 Careful, I’m a real girl: too many compliments and hop, I’m resting! Yes, here it’s really me who writes, with my personality. I’ve lost my whole team over the summer, so… my faith, I’m going on with… the young people who let me do it. And since talent is only recognized by others, still, seriously, your compliment means a lot to me. / I’m so happy to see that you’re back again, with your mind, your musics & your art !

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